Thursday, October 17, 2013

Spring At Night

I am going to miss this old swing when my landlord comes home. She has been gone most of the winter and all of spring. Josh and I take advantage of that and inhabit her front porch on occasion. Usually it is in the evening that we sneak up onto her porch and plop down in her swing, we stay well into the night, laughing, loving and just enjoying the time together. When we can no longer do that, I think I'll go into withdrawals!

But tonight Josh is inside asleep and I am sitting out on the big old front porch by myself. It's hardly lonely, though. I am comforted by the presence of a bright flickering star in the sky, the same star that Josh tried in vain to convince me was an airplane! I can hear the fountains in my neighbor's yards too and the buzz of the corner street light. There is a dog, Cooper, in the house right next to me who barks once in a while just to let me know he is still aware that I am here. It smells good, the sweet smell of fresh spring flowers and dewy grass. So while Josh is inside snuggled into our warm bed, I am here, enjoying all of this without him. Maybe that is why I'm writing it down... so he can read it tomorrow.

I just glanced up and saw another star, smaller and farther away flickering between the houses. It makes me think of God, and all His splendor to create them. I wonder if anyone else is enjoying this tonight, or if it's just my own little gift from God. Well, it's hardly little, but I can't help but feel it is just for me. He has been showering me with blessings lately, and really, I think He always has. I don't think that my eyes were always open to see them though. Now it is dark, and the only things my eyes can really make out clearly above my screen are the bright flickering stars. That is what spring at night is like for me, a time to be quiet and to really see the presence of God.

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