Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rain Drops

Lest you think I am in a deep state of depression and call the mental health physician, I must put this disclaimer in. Take this blog for what it is. Yes I know the sun comes out and above the clouds it's already shining, yes I know there are brighter days ahead, as a matter of fact... I even intend to play in the brighter days... but for now, just listen.

Listen to the rain drops as they fall. Sometimes when I am sad and have no one else to cry with me, nature will. Thousands and thousands of rain drops that can only symbolize the tears I have in my heart. The few tears that I shed before the rain began to fall were nothing compared to nature's downpour tonight. A perfect rain. No thunder, no lightning, just a hard steady rain and it has taken on my grief and actually been a comfort to my heart. I think it's God's way of telling me that He grieves with me. And grieving is ok. Tear drops, like rain drops, are cleansing.

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