Thursday, October 17, 2013

I'm "Falling"

Sometimes, even when it isn't Fall, I pretend it is. Days like today that are cloudy and overcast with a few rain drops here and there make it easy for me to play my little game. Today there is even the smell of Fall in the air and that is helping me out too! Why? Why would a person pretend to be in a season they are not? For me, Fall has always spoken to my soul. My soul becomes awake, and there is a sense of peace that rises up inside of me. A peace that makes me feel safe, and at home.

Fall for so many people is a dreary time. They look at it as the end of sunny days and vacations, and dread what follows. However, for me it is a time to settle into a cozy home with fresh baked breads and holiday planning, with oversized sweatshirts and slippers too! I like the colors of Fall, and at least once a year will take a road trip with my camera to capture the beauty that only lasts for a couple weeks.

So today, while summer is still lingering on, I am dreaming of Fall... and feeling better.

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